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Xaven’s Relationship with Y-Celeb

One of Kopala’s finest female rappers,Xaven a.k.a “The Kopala Queen”, although she doesn’t like the idea of being referred to as a  “female rapper”, revealed her relationship with Y-Celeb in an interview yesterday.

She says Y-Celeb is her first cousin,whom she has worked closely with in her music career, even before she came on the scene of Zambian music industry.

The female artist signed under Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd is very much determined with her music career to which she says, she remains undisputed. Hence, will continue putting in her best to prove that whatever the male folk can bring to the table where music is concerned, she equally can do quite as much. Not only that, but the rapper is also currently pursuing her degree in marketing at University of Lusaka in order to continue bringing the best of results in her music career.

Obviously, her input in Zambian music cannot go unnoticed especially that people like Chef 187 found her worth featuring on his Bon Appetit album.

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