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Three Eras of Zed Hiphop Pronouncement

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” How much more when a caption is added? This morning the Kopala Legendary Zed Hiphpop artist Marcky 2 posted on his timelime a picture of himself with Chef 187 and Jedi with a caption “Three Eras of Zed Hiphop”.
There is no doubt the trio have been doing and are still putting the best of music on Zed Hiphop table.
It is so overwhelming to see how the Kopala Legend,Marcky 2 has continued to support all those coming behind him,and this gives us a lot of hope that we are still moving forward where it concerns Zed Hiphop even as many more artists keep supporting more talented individuals.
Seeing someone who has been in the industry for some time recognising the younger stars in such a way is something all legendary artists must emulate whether the caption was true or not.But the bottom line is,it pays to recognise potential in younger musicians even when you are on top as that will be the greatest lesson you can ever teach all those coming behind.

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